Bolivia Trip: Paradise, Sand Dunes, Mosquitoes Under a Microscope and DIY Mayo! :)

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Bolivia Trip:  Paradise, Sand Dunes, Mosquitoes Under a Microscope and DIY Mayo! 🙂

La Rinconada


Hey guys!! My Bolivia trip is coming to an end today and I’m on the red-eye flight back to the United States tonight.   I’ll be back in Atlanta around noon tomorrow (Thursday) but will probably be too tired to post anything and will just sleep when I get home. 🙂 . There have been so many activities here and it’s been tiring but lots of fun!!  Lots of parties to attend and met some really great people!

My husband and I came to Bolivia since he was helping with a science/technology outreach program to help give students more exposure to these areas.  They had around 10 classes with instructors from different countries and top universities (MIT, Harvard, etc.) to teach 250 students.  There were so many great minds here for such a wonderful cause – some of these instructors and students will be changing the world one day!

The students here are so eager to learn.  I had the opportunity to attend the class my husband was teaching and they made some Mayo during the class to learn how liquids can become a solid by changing their microscopic properties.  I had no idea mayo was so easy to make…I’m going to try it when we get home to make some organic mayo.  It’s just a few simple ingredients (egg white, vinegar, salt and olive oil…lemon is optional).

DIY Mayo

The trip was great except for the mosquitoes.  The mosquitoes here were eating me alive.  Mosquitoes have always loved me, but I was getting extra love in Bolivia…they were biting me through my clothes.  They’re so vicious!  I was too busy packing summer stuff (it’s their summer season here) and didn’t even think to pack mosquito repellent.  I really wish I had brought some essential oils with me to help repel the mosquitoes.  I killed one during the class and we decided to put it under a microscope…check it out below – eeewww, right??!!


If you ever get a chance to visit Santa Cruz, there are two places that I definitely recommend you visit that is located just outside the city.  The first is La Rinconada, which is this hidden paradise right outside the city (the first picture above is from there).  It was so peaceful and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.  There you will feel like you are in a tropical paradise with palm trees, a park, pool, restaurant and even some fun activities to do like a slide, visiting the aquarium and feeding the toucans.  I spent quite a bit of time sleeping on one of the hammocks while enjoying the breeze.  There’s even a playground – check out how cool it is!

La Rinconada Playground

The other place to Las Lomas de Arena (Sand Dunes).  This place is absolutely stunning!!  We had to hike about 3 miles in the sand (thru lots of mosquitoes) to get there but it was so worth it!!  The wind was shifting the sand dunes continuously (if you want to see the video of it, I posted a video to our Facebook page) so I was getting a lot of sand everywhere on me.  I think I brought back half of the sand back with me in my clothes and shoes. 🙂  Here’s a picture of me flying on the sand dunes!!

Las Lomas de Arena (Sand Dunes)

We also went to an organic farm that was organized by one of the instructors here.  I shared some pictures on our Facebook page, so you can check out the pictures there in case you missed it.

Anyways, that’s it for now….I hope you enjoyed this little update on my trip…take care!!


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