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Reader Question:  Whole Foods Coupons

reader questions

Hey guys!  I know we have a lot of folks at different stages of experience when it comes to couponing, so I will start posting reader questions since it will be beneficial to those who are just starting out.  I’ll keep these reader questions easily available in case you want to reference them in the future.  You will find them on the menu:  NEWBIES ==> Reader Questions

If you have a question, feel free to email me:

Our first question comes from Lucia.

Hi Melissa,My name is Lucia and I an avid couponer especially for healthy, organic ones. I have been checking your sites and found great deal that way. I have just noticed something. You listed a Wholefoods Coupon that can be used at a Publix store? Did I understand that correctly? I thought the Wholefoods Coupons can be used only at WF? That is even mentioned on their coupons. I also have another question related to the WF coupons. For some reason the WH system does not allow the cash register to enter more then 1 WF coupons. Sometimes a ” clueless cashier” tells me it’s one coupon per purchase. And I tell him/her yes but I can get more products if I have similar products? Also in the past I was able to use 12 coupons on one product if I bought in bulk. Please advice if you encountered similar problems. Best,Lucia

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