Product Review: LivRelief Natural Pain Relief Cream + FREE Sample!

Product Review: LivRelief Natural Pain Relief Cream

If you are in our Natural and Organic Facebook group, you know I started down this journey of eating more natural and organic foods due to some health issues.  Not only did I change my diet, I also sought more natural and alternative ways to try to make myself healthier, including seeing a holistic doctor, doing acupuncture and using Chinese herbal remedies.  I’m not a big fan of Western medicine, although I will admit that there are some advantages.  However, if there are alternative or natural remedies available versus taking drugs, that is always my preference.

I recently was given a full size natural pain relief product from LivRelief. I had never heard of this natural product before, so I was excited to find out more about it. I received the sample last week and was eager to try it out on my back and shoulders. These two areas have always bothered me since I work in front of the computer a lot (I use to work as a software consultant, so you can image the hours spent working on the computer). To ease the pain, my acupuncturist taught my husband how to do cupping therapy on me and that would help with some of the discomfort.

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Four Thieves Vinegar – Natural Insect Repellant

four thieves vinegar

With summer time approaching, mosquitos and bugs will be all around. I’m the type of person that will be outside with 10 other people and I’ll be the only one with tons of mosquito bites.  I love summer…I hate bugs.

I stumbled upon a natural bug spray last year that works really well…so I wanted to share with you in case you want to test it out this summer. It’s called the Four Thieves Vinegar and it’s actually more than just a bug spray (I’ll get into the additional benefits at the end). And this natural insect repellent is super easy to make!

But first, a little bit of history about the Four Thieves Vinegar. There are several different variations about how the Four Thieves Vinegar came about but all are set around the time of the Bubonic plague. One version of the story is that a group of thieves were robbing the homes and corpses of the dead during the European outbreak and they were able to survive without catching the disease. They were eventually caught and in exchange for leniency, they had to exchange their secret recipe. Another version is that the thieves had been caught before the outbreak of the plague and when they were sentenced to bury the dead, they create the vinegar mix infused with garlic in order to survive.

The Four Thieves Vinegar is a combination of herbs mixed with apple cider vinegar. Different recipes call for different herbs, but I kept mine pretty simple and used a recipe from Wellness Mama.

Here are the things that you will need:

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Groupon Coupons

Most of the posts that we’ve done on this blog have been for store deals and occasionally we will post some online deals.  Going forward, we plan to share more online deals with you. I love online deals because you can shop from the convenience of your home, the deals are sometimes better and you can still stack online coupons in addition to getting cash back on your purchases.

Before I got into store couponing, I did a lot of my shopping online. I was really good at finding coupons and ways to stack offers to get the best deal possible. I would search different website for coupons, but now there’s an easier way to find coupons all in one place. It’s called Groupon Coupons! They have coupons for so many different stores ranging from department stores like Macy’s to electronics like Dell and HP to the smaller stores like Door to Door Organics. There are no memberships to join and no fees…all the coupons are FREE – and who doesn’t love FREE when it can save you more money? 🙂

Take for example this deal on Amazing Grass at Target (the promo code expires today by the way). Target currently has Amazing Grass on sale for $18.69 (reg. price: $21.99).  There is a code on Groupon Coupons for 15% off Select Organic Nutrition Items.

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